Sunrise Childcare Center


2 year olds


3-6 Year olds


This group focuses on their colors, shapes and numbers. The curriculum provides activities that introduces these concepts and is repeated until the children have mastered them. Planned learning themes are scheduled weekly to enhance language skills, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. The weekly themes include areas of art, science, math small and large motor activities, dramatic play, and outdoor play. Children use language as they play and interact with one another. Reading is an important part as well.  

The children are provided with tasks that will help them develop self-esteem, respect for others, independence, friendship, leadership qualities and skills that they will need and use for the years to come.The children are also introduced to the alphabet, written numbers, counting, printing, and reading readiness activities. Other curriculum activities include but is not limited to art, science, dramatic play, large motor skills, computer skills and outdoor play. Many lessons are taught through reading.


Our young ones may not be able to talk but they can still communicate and learn. Their curriculum offers activities mainly in the arts. They learn through song, finger plays, art, visuals, etc. they not only communicate with babble but also with sign language. They dictate their own feeding and eating schedules and most importantly receive lots of love.


6 weeks to 2 YEARs OLD